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What is Baby Hair and How to Manage it?


Good hair days! When did you have them last? Wondering right? Hair problems are plenty and to worsen the thing is when your hair hardly makes anything simpler for you while styling in the morning before going to work or universities or during any time of the day. Isn’t it? What is that big thing that you often find difficult to tame? Baby hairs, Yes we have got you right. After spending a considerate amount of time styling your hair, suddenly you see something on your forehead irritating you. What is it? Baby hairs, we do understand how tiring you might feel at that moment. All your hard work gets spoiled in a moment by those unmanageable little strands of hair. Neither can you clip it up nor keep them loose. So, what’s the way out? Well, calm down, Traya is here with some quick tips and hacks on how to manage baby hair. There are numerous ways you can manage them, style them up or hide them under the long traces, anything and everything is possible. The various styles with baby hairs now have made them look beautiful and are found among the year's most wonderful hairstyles. Well, let's see how to manage baby hair. Keep scrolling!

What are Baby Hair?   

Baby hairs are the short, fine, and thin hairs grown along the hairline and fall on your forehead. Baby hairs are also known as vellus or peach fuzz. Unlike the name, these are not something found only in babies. Though mostly found among children, it is a very common problem for adolescents and can be seen during adulthood as well. The main thing that makes it extremely difficult to manage is the reason that they are not flat. The areas where you can usually notice baby hair is the forehead, around the temples, and above the ears. So, before knowing how to grow long hair and how to manage baby hair, let's see the cause for baby hair.

What Causes Baby Hair?

The standard length of your hair till the chin would vary from about six to eight inches while a baby hair grows about only 2 mm in length. The main cause of baby hair is hidden in the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. The growth of baby hair begins when the anagen phase of your hair growth cycle becomes shorter. Baby hair gets very little moisturization compared to other sections of your hair as it is present above the sebaceous glands that does not provide adequate sebum. So, now let’s move to the main part, how to manage baby hair.

Ways to Treat Baby Hair 

How to manage baby hair on forehead or you can say how to manage baby hairs on hairline, here are few ways to look into to treat baby hairs the right way:

  • Spray some water around your hairline to set the baby hair that is generally curly or frizzy in texture.
  • There are some tricks for treating baby hair effortlessly. Hair creams can be of great use. A nourishing cream is applied on the frizzy and curly baby hair will smoothen it and eventually make it easy to style.
  • Selecting the right tool is very necessary for treating baby hairs. The best tools for treating baby hairs would sound a bit weird but can work wonders. A toothbrush or a mascara wand can be your go-to tackles.
  • Hair sprays are easily available and can help style your baby hair like a pro. You can use these sprays on your toothbrush and use them for styling your baby hairs.
  • Avoid using heat on baby hairs. It is already dry and using heat styling tools will make it even drier. 

These are some basic steps on how to manage baby hair. Now let us see some tips on how to manage baby hair and style them effortlessly.

Tips for managing and styling baby hair 

  • First of all, the easiest way to manage baby hair would be to hide them. You can use pins and roll portions of your hair and cover the baby hair. 
  • Hair Bands or some other hair accessories can be used for styling baby hairs.
  • Pin or clip the baby hairs in the direction in which they are growing rather than trying to style and fix them in the opposite direction.
  • You can try on creating small ringlets according to your face type and of course only if it suits you. 
  • Do not tuck in baby hairs while you are doing plaits, style them separately and let them be styled loose.
  • Try and do some less complicated hairstyles, keep your hair relaxed and try out on a messy bun. This style can very well complement your baby hair and can be one of the best tips on how to manage baby hair.
  • Do some sleek hairstyles like suppose spirals or twists with your hair.
  • Choose on hairstyles like high ponytails, half ponytails, messy ponytails.
  • Lastly, let your baby hair be as is. Just set it a bit with cold water or so if required. Let your natural look bring in a new style of hair.

Baby hair is something if managed properly using the right hair accessories can make you look beautiful as well as stylish. But if ignored can completely spoil your entire look. Don’t get carried away by the looks of actresses in magazines. They too have baby hairs but all thanks to editing. Besides taking care of your hair by including protein for hair growth which will also lessen the chances of hair breakage, try out new styles and embrace the baby hairs. Also, take proper care of your hair and try out some home remedy for split ends alongside styling your baby hair. Just the way you need to look perfect from the face, hair at its tip should also have a pertinent shape.

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