For those Super Tresses: Hair Care Solution 

Hair care to most, is simply a shampoo once a week and a little oil for the strands from time to time and the assumption is that this will lead to a bountiful crop on top. This is wrong thinking, this is neither the solution to any hair issues, nor will it be enough to provide the hair with the necessary nourishment to achieve its full potential of growth and quality, more seriously it will also make it weak and vulnerable to several infections. There are a range of hair care solutions available in the market that help provide the necessary nutrients to the hair and would maintain the quality of your tresses. Let’s find out what they are. 

Why Choose Traya's 

One has to be very cautious while purchasing online hair care solutions and hair fall treatment. There are a plethora of solutions available of varying quality and consistency but with no guidelines about their usage and no guarantees to their efficacy. The range of hair care solutions from Traya are largely considered to be the best hair care solutions in their range. Made from the finest natural ingredients and herbs they will promote your hair health and lead to a big enhancement in the quality of your strands. 

Traya's Best Hair Care Products 

Traya has some wonderfully curated hair fall products guaranteed to stop the loss of hair and lead to better hair quality. Let’s find out more: 

100% Natural Hair Loss Kit with oil, ghrit and herbs: This is the best option for people suffering from hair loss as the team of doctors from Traya completely customise this kit according to your requirements. Experts decide on a judicious mix of the most potent ayurvedic herbs and the best diet plan to ensure that the strands repopulate your scalp.

a. Scalp oil: The scalp oil is prepared keeping in mind the scalp condition, sleep pattern and stress levels of the individual. This is made with a mix of coconut oil, amalaka and bhringraj among other things. 

b. Herb mix: This is prepared to help balance the doshas and enhance the overall health of the body.

c. Diet plan: A diet plan will be specially designed for you with a focus on balancing the 6 rasas namely sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent. 

100% Natural Women Hair Care with Oil, Serum and Herbs: This is a very effective product for women and is full of herbs and all other natural ingredients that will set all women on the way to achieving lustrous hair. The combination includes an ayurvedic oil, ayurvedic hair nourishment herbs called Hair Ras and a serum for thick hair. The combination is designed to relieve stress, control hormonal and metabolism issues, help with nutritional deficiencies, scalp health and dosha imbalance. 

Traya Health complete customised hair loss treatment plan for females: You are assured of hair regrowth with thicker and fuller hair with the help of this plan. You will get a shampoo, customised hair oils and herb mix, hair growth serum, vitamins, diet plan and a prescription from an ayurvedic doctor and a dermatologist. This is nothing less than a guarantee of success in your aspirations for bountiful hair growth. 

Traya Health complete customised hair loss treatment plan for men: This kit is a combination of dermatology, Ayurveda and nutrition as the doctors go about formulating a personalised plan to deal with your hair loss issues. A scalp oil, herb mix, shampoo, hair serum, hair vitamins and nutrition will be the ingredients in a combo designed to cut your hair losses and leave you with a thick crop of hair. 

Traya Anti-dandruff shampoo: This formulation contains aloe vera and ketoconazole among other things and reduces itchiness caused by an excessively greasy scalp. This is an excellent anti-dandruff product.

Traya Herbal Hair Oil: This is one of the more effective hair oils with ingredients like camphor, Ylang-Ylang and Motia Rosha among other things. It helps soothe your scalp and reduces inflammation. 

Expert Tips to Choose the Right Hair Care Products 

The first step to choosing the right hair care products is to understand your hair type and its requirements. The most important requirements for hair are moisture and protein. The capacity of the hair to retain moisture is called porosity. Getting the right measure of your hair porosity will help you figure out the right products for your hair type.

Selection of the right hair products is a long and laborious process. It would also involve a lot of trial and error. The hair care routine normally follows the following process – shampoo, conditioner, leave-in and other optional styling products. 

Use a moisturising shampoo that does not contain sulphates as it will strip the scalp of natural oils. If you have hair that is chemically treated, opt for a moisturising shampoo made for chemically treated hair. To clear clogged follicles and weeks of build up use a clarifying shampoo 

Use a rinse out conditioner for 5 minutes before washing. 

Use a deep conditioner for 20 minutes to hydrate and repair your hair follicles. If your hair cannot retain moisture, deep conditioning your hair frequently becomes more necessary. 

Women with curly hair can use a leave-in conditioner as a pre-styling product. 

Do a hair strand test to find out if your hair needs protein. This can be added with the help of leave-in conditioners and hair masks among other things. 

Use serums to make your hair look shinier and glossy if they are looking a little dull. They can also protect your hair from pollutants and UV rays. If hair breakage and split ends are your problem serums can stop that too. It also helps manage frizz with curly hair. Don’t use them daily as it might make your hair a little oily. 

Hair gels can be used to hold your hair in place if your mop is a little unruly. But it might cause flaking in some people. 

Other Hair Categories 

There are numerous other categories that help in increasing the strength of your strands. Traya has several innovative and natural hair care products that promote the health of your hair in many different ways. 

Traya Hair Root Serum: This includes Redensyl which has been touted as the miracle drug for hair loss and hair regeneration. It also has caffeine which helps increase the flow of blood to the scalp. This is one of the best hair products. 

Ghrit: This works on the ayurvedic principle which holds that the nose is one of most crucial organs to promote body health. This concoction which has a mix of Yashtimadhu and ghee is very good for hair regeneration. A few nasal drops

are also very good at inducing deep sleep. This is one of the most effective herbal products. 

Gut Shuddhi: This is one of the better digestive products that has amla, black pepper, cloves and cardamom among other things. It is one of the potent digestive products and reduces gut toxicity and internal inflammation. This in turn promotes hair health. These also function very effectively as detox tablets. 

Health Tatva Herbs: These are ayurvedic detox tablets and improve absorption levels in the gut to enhance metabolism and are very good antioxidant supplements. This contributes to better energy levels and are great immunity boosters. 

Product Table Price List 

The hair care products from Traya are extremely beneficial for your hair and provide essential nourishment to them to keep them protected and healthy. Place your order and discover the wonderful benefits of these very potent products. 

100% Natural Hair Loss kit with oil, ghrit and herbs – ₹ 1550

Traya Health complete customised hair loss treatment plan for females  ₹ 2330 

Traya Health complete customised hair loss treatment plan for men –  2500 

Traya Anti-dandruff shampoo 300 

Traya Gut Shuddhi (30 tablets) – 200 

Traya Herbal Hair Oil – 450 

Health Tatva Herbs (60 tablets) –  300 

Traya Hair Root Serum – 700 

Ghrit – 150 

Hair care is serious business and the selection of hair care solutions and products needs to be done with a lot of care and research so that we can achieve the desired results. You can always take the help of our experts at Traya who would be glad to assist you in completing a successful journey towards hair health.

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