Your Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Is A Sham!

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A modern day Vaidya with 11 years of experience. A BAMS graduate from Pune, Dr. Chaubey is also a pancha karma practitioner and a spiritual healer. He has spent years perfecting his preventive hair loss all-natural treatment.
Your Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Is A Sham!


Shedding 50-100 strands of hair everyday is completely normal. But when the bathroom drain is clogged with clumps of hair, we know it's time to act. 

And we dive into the only world of knowledge we know aka the internet. The outcome? Thousands spent on hair fall products and shampoos that claim to be the ultimate hair loss cure. But no results?



Let us begin by understanding ‘how hair fall occurs’?

We see many young people today experience excessive hair fall, not knowing what to do about it. Reality is, when hair fall occurs, it’s important to focus on what’s causing it. Hair loss is complex and is triggered by multiple root causes like sleep, stress, nutrition, environment, metabolism, underlying medical conditions and the most common - genetics. 

Only when you find the reason behind your hair problems, work on improving the situation. 

Now, when we say “improve the situation” we don’t mean buy some hair products that claim to help you control hair fall and promote hair growth. We’re telling you to work on your internal health, the right way. Now some anti hair fall shampoo isn’t going to help you get into the habit of sleeping well or magically improve your digestion.  

A shampoo will simply work on cleansing your scalp of the dirt, oil and grease present on it. So even that nice smelling anti hair fall shampoo you bought isn’t going to work on your hair fall, like you thought it would. Rather, it does what it’s supposed to do otherwise - clean your scalp. 

So, how do I combat hair loss?

It’s simple! By taking up our hair test, you’ll know all the reasons that are affecting your hair loss. At Traya, our medical experts from Ayurveda, Dermatology & Nutrition back your treatment customizing it at every level. We do not provide you products, we offer a solution instead. Once you begin with our treatment plan, one habit is backed by another - your crucial lifestyle changes. 

Yes, even the smallest change like taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes daily can impact your health and well, good health is backed by great hair. These lifestyle changes will healtify not only your body but your hair too. 

Managing hair loss never got easier than this. You’ll be avoiding all those unnecessary hair products that claim to grow your hair faster and save yourself some money too. Lean on the scientific way, the #trayaway to control hair fall and know the causes behind your hair loss before treating it.


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