Your Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Is A Sham!

Your Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Is A Sham!

Hair fall has been something that we’re all facing (literally, 100 - 150 strands of shedding - completely normal!). 

But at some point, it’s gotten a little “unmanageable” for some of us especially when we’ve washed our hair and seen a little more strands shed than expected. 

Through all of this, there those who will put on their google goggles and dive into the wide world of knowledge AKA the internet. The out come is expenditure on many products claiming to be the #1 hair loss cure in India, anti hair fall shampoos and many other hair products that can “make your hair growth stronger.” 


Guess those products didn’t work like expected now, did they?
But don’t lose hope this time. First, let’s get to a better understanding of why hair fall happens in the first place. 
We see many young people today experience excessive hair fall, not knowing what to do about it. Reality is, when hair fall occurs, it’s important to focus on what’s causing it. 
Hair loss is triggered by many underlying reasons like sleep, stress, food intake and the most common - genetics (yup, the hair fall gene is an actual thing). When you realise the reason behind your hair issues, work on improving the situation. 
Now, when we say “improve the situation” we don’t mean buy some hair products that claim to help your hair fall and hair growth. We’re telling you to work on your internal health, the right way. Ofcourse some anti hair fall shampoo isn’t going to help you get into the habit of sleeping well or magically improve your digestion.  
A shampoo will simply work on cleansing your scalp of the dirt, oil and grease present on it. So even that nice smelling anti hair fall shampoo you bought isn’t going to work on your hair fall like you thought it would. Rather, it does what it’s supposed to do otherwise - clean your scalp. 
So….how do I combat hair loss?
It’s simple! By taking up our diagnosis test, you’ll know all the reasons that are affecting your hair and making most of it fall out. At Traya, our medical experts from Ayurveda, Dermatology & Nutrition back your treatment customizing it at every level. Once you begin with this, one habit is backed by another - your crucial lifestyle changes. 
Yes. Even the simplest change like taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes daily can impact your health and well, good health is backed by great hair. These lifestyle changes will healtify not only your body but your hair too. 
Managing hair loss never got easier than this. You’ll be avoiding all those unnecessary hair products that claim to grow your hair faster and save yourself some money too ;) Lean on the scientific way to control hair fall and know the causes behind your hair loss before treating it.

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