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Why we give you “so many” Ayurvedic tablets in the Traya Hair Loss Treatment? 


A lot of people ask us why we give you so many Ayurvedic tablets containing a variety of Natural Ayurvedic Herbs, let us dive deep into this topic today

Pop the pill - this phrase is so synonymous with solving a health crisis that it has become a cliche. Have a headache or period cramps or allergies? Pop a pill. While these may work for symptoms. It is not something that works for lifestyle health conditions such as thyroid, heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, weight management, and PCOS etc require dedicated diagnosis, proper treatment and lifestyle changes. This includes hair loss as well. Because if you've been paying attention to us you know that hair loss is not a superficial or external problem. Hair loss is a combination of multiple factors such as follicle health, genes, internal health, health conditions, nutrition, stress, sleep and even environmental factors. 

Hair loss causes

It is because of this multiplicity of causes that hair loss cannot be solved by a single product. When Traya set out on the mission to help people manage their hair loss. We wanted to do so holistically, so we could manage the symptoms and triggers of hair loss at the same time. So, we combined dermatology, Ayurveda and nutrition. And each of these sciences targets different aspects of your hair loss condition. 

Learn more about Ayurvedic Herbs from our Ingredients Page

The tablets that are provided by the Traya Hair Loss Treatment include: 

Ayurvedic Tablets: Hair ras, health tatva, gut shuddhi that contain authentic ayurvedic herbs

Hair Vitamins: Essential vitamins, minerals and natural DHT blockers such as pumpkin seed extract, pygeum, bhringraj and green tea extract. These vitamins for hair growth are very efficient in maintaining the hair quality.

So, why do we give you so many Ayurvedic Tablets?

Let us understand what Ayurveda says about hair loss?

According to Ayurveda, hair health is a reflection of internal health factors. Aspects of internal health such as metabolism, digestion, absorption, hormonal imbalance, and dosha imbalance can all affect your hair health. These factors are affected by poor nutrition, inadequate sleep, high stress and poor lifestyle habits. So, according to Ayurveda to fix your hair loss you have to fix your internal health and the best way to do this would be with the help of the right Ayurvedic herbs. This bottom-up approach is the reason why we give you so many Ayurvedic tablets. Now let us take a look at each of these to understand what each of these Ayurvedic tablets helps with:

Hair ras - This is a 100% natural and Ayurvedic hair growth tablet. Nourishes hair internally with essential supplements with a formulation of rare and effective Ayurvedic herbs. Targets poor hair follicle health, dosha imbalance and poor blood flow to the scalp. Inadequate sleep, diet and lifestyle can cause an imbalance of hormones. Adaptogenic herbs in hair ras such as bhringraj, shatavari and ashwagandha help restore that. 

Triggers: Targets poor follicle health, and pitta dosha imbalance. Also, good for stress-related hair loss. 

Traya Hair Ras


Health tatva - Targets root causes of hair fall and hair thinning such as poor nutrition, sluggish metabolism, absorption, and fatigue. Made with proven, safe and natural ingredients, these immunity booster tablets promote overall health for hair fall control. These are 100 % natural hair growth tablets and are also suitable for those with gas, acidity, bloating and low energy levels.

Triggers: Targets poor metabolism, absorption, digestion

Traya Health Tatva

Gut shuddhi - Targets root causes of hair fall and hair thinning such as poor digestion, incomplete bowel movements, low gut motility and toxins. Made with safe and natural ayurvedic herbs these digestion tablets promote overall health for controlling hair fall and hair growth. Suitable for those with unsatisfactory bowel movements, improper diet and brain fog. Perfect for a gut cleanse and detox.

Triggers: Targets poor digestion, gut health and detoxification process

Traya Gut Shuddhi

All these Ayurvedic tablets will not be given to you. They are prescribed by our Ayurvedic doctor - Dr Shailendra Chaubey based on your health concerns and hair loss conditions. 

Hair Loss Components

These Ayurvedic tablets along with our Nasya therapy and customised diet plan help us manage your internal health to fix hair loss. And we provide clinically proven treatments such as minoxidil 5%, minoxidil 2%, redensyl 3% and ketoconazole 2% to manage your follicle health, reverse damage from DHT and your scalp health. 


Now that you know the purpose of the Traya ayurvedic tablets, be sure to be consistent. This will not only help you achieve your hair goals. If you are facing any issues in doing the same, you can ask to schedule a call with your hair coach and they will put you back on track. 


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