Why we give you “so many” Ayurvedic Tablets in the Tatva Hair Loss Kit? 

Why we give you “so many” Ayurvedic Tablets in the Tatva Hair Loss Kit? 

Ayurvedic Tablets

One of the many questions that we get asked is - why do we issue so many tablets? We understand that commercial companies have convinced you with their misinformation that the solution to most of your problems is just one pill! And how many times have you fallen for that line - from better skin, better hair to a slimmer waist nothing comes that easy. Change and improvement are both results of hard work! 

Luckily in this country, we have a long tradition of time and tested solutions that have been compiled by doctors since time immemorial into a science called Ayurveda. And Ayurveda doesn’t do easy. It works hard at fixing the problem by solving the very cause of your condition. And that takes TIME and PATIENCE. And that is exactly why we give you so many tablets and each of them has a role to play. Like every pizza topping contributes to that amazing taste you get in each bite. 

Now on to our favorite part - Explanations. 

Let us tell you what each Ayurvedic Medicine is made. We source herbs from organic farms from all over the country (we make sure we get only the best for you. If these herbs were coffee they would be premium-roast). We then dry these premium herbs in the sun. Once they are completely dry our manufacturers grind them up. But here’s the catch, if we sent you boxes of powder would you want to eat herb powders all day long, would you? Hence we make them into tablets that would be easy for you to consume. They might seem like a lot but it is all done for your convenience. 

Now that you know how they are made, you probably want to know what they do. So as always. We’ll put your mind to ease -

  1. Hair Ras -

    Sounds like a concoction right out of the Hindi dubbing of the Harry Potter Series, but it isn’t. It is an Ayurvedic Tablet made from rare herbs such as Tapyadi Loha Vati, Shatavari, Shankhpushpi, Arjuna, and Amalaki. The quantity and combination of herbs are customized for each consumer (Just like your Starbucks coffee, I like cappuccino with soy milk if you’d ever like to send me one). This is used to balance pitta dosha and acidity in your body. Its additional benefits include - improving your bone health, while also balancing alkaline, and acid levels.
  2. Health Tatva -

    This is pretty much straightforward. If Hindi is your strong suit you already know what it is, if not - it literally balances your health. Made with Hinguvachadi and Laghusoothshekar. It improves digestion, absorption, and metabolism. It is especially beneficial for those suffering from hypothyroidism and cholesterol as it helps alleviate symptoms for these conditions. In Ayurveda, this combination is known to boost the “Agni” element in your body which helps it extract nutrients from your food.
  3. Gut Shuddhi -

    No, it is not a Sanskrit phrase. It basically means “cleansing of your gut”. One of the least known factors that contribute to your hair loss is your gut health. Therefore, this is issued to you only if you have gut issues like irregular bowel movements, constipation or chronic acidity. (Listen to your mother, stop eating junk food and take your medicines on time!)

So there you go. You see each and every product in your kit is a result of extensive research and consultation with countless doctors and hair loss experts. Now, make sure to be consistent with your treatment and keep asking questions. We’re here for your hair. 

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