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The Golden Rules About Hair Loss


We’ve all been in search of knowledge at some point or another. Sometimes, we hit the right spot and sometimes, it’s a miss. But don’t you wish you knew something before the situation could teach you better? 

I mean, just think of it. You’re eating something without any regard about whether it might agree with your tummy or not. But your tummy decided to act against your decision and then….you’ve probably wished you had known it earlier. 

Well, it’s a similar situation with hair loss. 

So many people go through life wondering why they’re the chosen ones to experience hair loss and not their very lucky friend who seems to do way better in life. But let’s dig a little deeper. 

Hair is governed by your health, well-being and most importantly your awareness.  

And we want to give you the benefit of the doubt.

While many of us are busy frantically searching for the right answer to a search like “hair loss reasons” or “why is my hair thinning?”, why not seek the answers from experts? Here are life’s golden rules to swear by : 

#1 Eat the right food in the right amount 

Eat Healthy food to prevent hair loss

When you eat more healthy foods like boiled veggies, the nutrients absorbed by your body will be much higher in value than any deep-fried food. Plus our Ayurveda will gear you up for better nutrient absorption so you won’t have to worry about how your system adapts. 

So, in short, it’s time for you to avoid cholesterol scares. :p

#2 Take action against thinning hair while you still can.

Like most problems in your life, including maths hair loss won’t solve itself. So what do you do in that case? Work on it while it can still be solved. When hair loss is in its early stage (i.e from stage 1), hair follicles that are shrinking continue to remain in that stage longer and if left that way, hair follicles close up completely (that’s why a balding person’s scalp shines a little too much). When you choose to work on it in the right manner, your hair follicles will eventually enter a normal hair growth stage.

#3 Visit a dermatologist and deal with hair loss the right way

When you face hair loss, the first thing to understand is that you could be experiencing one of the different types of hair loss. Hence, only a dermatologist (except for a smartly formulated algorithm ;p) would be able to tell these apart.


And what about the things we shouldn’t be doing? Don’t worry, we’re covering that too ;)

#1 Avoid waiting for your hair loss to stop

If you begin to notice hair fall that’s quite literally getting out of hand (not just the number of strands but the situation too) and you can’t possibly wait for it to go away. Hair loss can be caused by many reasons, which need to be recognized first. Waiting on it to solve itself could lead to further hair loss finally reaching an advanced stage.

We wouldn’t want that now, would we? 

#2 Don’t depend on a shampoo, oil or any external treatment to solve your hair loss. It can lead you down the wrong way 

Oh, how we wish that solving hair loss was that simple. But let’s face reality here, an external treatment might make you feel good but it does absolutely nothing to stop your hair from falling out. Solving hair loss begins by getting it treated in a prescribed manner.

#3 Trust us, you don’t wanna go down the home remedies path (personal experience) 

One of the many hair loss reasons is using home remedies. Part of hair fall treatment is not going back to home remedies except eating the right food.

Here are some food suggestions:
Coconut milk

Use these veggies to solve today’s dinner puzzle!

Expected something else? Well, it doesn’t really make sense to put all that stuff on your hair really. Imagine putting in all the effort to make a hair mask daily with no significant results for your hair. So it’s better to avoid wasting your precious time.

As mentioned above, hair reflects your health, so application based remedies aren’t going to magically seep into your hair follicles and work the same way minoxidil does. (pssst...minoxidil is wayy better ;p). Wanna know how minoxidil has an effect on your hair follicles? Click here.
From all this, it’s quite evident how helpful expert knowledge can be rather than trying out random and stinky experiments. So it’s super important to keep your heart open to better awareness and of course, most importantly, timely action. Don’t let the situation’s passing teach you better while you still have your golden rules!

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