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Is Dry Shampoo Bad For Your Hair


You must have heard people swear by dry shampoo and how it saved their day from being a bad hair day. Or you might have been using it for quite some time as it kept you from wearing a greasy and sweaty hair look at some point. Whether you want a quick freshen up look before a day out or you are just too lazy for a routine head wash, this magical shampoo has been the saviour.

Dry shampoo available in the form of hair sprays, mousse, and powders is formulated to soak up the excess oil from your oily hair, add volume, relieve you of itchy scalp, and keep you looking fresh until the next head wash. It has become an essential part of their daily beauty regime for many people, while some are just too concerned about the safety of using a dry shampoo spray. Is it safe to use? What exactly is dry shampoo? How does it even work on my dry hair?

We thought of busting the myth about this shampoo and whether it is any good or does it have any side effects on certain scalp conditions and hair types. This blog has put together the facts about this shampoo, its benefits, and the proper way to use it. Read on to learn more.

What Is Dry Shampoo?

It is a dry and waterless way to freshen up your hair and give you a cleaner look. It’s kind of fluffing your hair between showers. Although the name contains “shampoo” in it, it does not actually cleanse your hair. What it does is dry or soaks up the excess oil from your hair. It gives volume to your hair and makes it more manageable. To make this happen, most dry shampoo brands will have alcohol or rice starch as their primary ingredient, enabling them to dry the oily roots by absorbing the excess oil from your scalp.

Another great thing this shampoo does to your hair is the smell – your hair smells good, and you feel fresh. It is the added fragrance that these shampoos have in them that makes you feel refreshed between the washes. As you might know, this shampoo is a leave-in product, meaning you don’t wash or rinse your hair; it is just that it makes your hair visibly less oily until your next head wash session. So are there any benefits of using this shampoo other than the clean and non-greasy look? The following section explains precisely that.

We all have that oily hair day at one or the other point in time. But if you find your hair to be extremely greasy compared to others in your peers, you must really have oily hair. In that case, you need to use dry shampoo for oily hair. This shampoo category is basically for those who have oily scalp and roots with fine hair types. Dry shampoo for oily hair gives blowout to your hair and promotes a healthy-looking scalp by eliminating the excess oil from your scalp.

This shampoo also comes in distinct categories – dry shampoo for women and for men, where the latter usually comes in powder and spray form. While shopping for this shampoo, make sure to consider your hair and scalp before choosing between dry shampoo for oily scalp and dry hair. But then, if you have colour-treated or keratin-treated hair, you might want to use a sulfate-free shampoo.

Do you know what sulfate free shampoo is? Sulfate-free shampoos do not have sulfate or the surfactants that strip the hair of its natural oils. While sulfate lather removes the dirt and oil from your hair, it also makes your hair dry and frizzy. Besides, they have harsh chemicals that can make your hair fall and other scalp related conditions in prolonged usage. There are some worth the try sulfate-free shampoo that you can try for your dry hair or treat hair.

Benefits of Using Dry shampoo

Below are some of the benefits of using dry shampoo and why you can consider it for your beauty regime-

  • To get a settled look for long
  • To add volume to your hair
  • To have less dry hair
  • It keeps you feeling fresh for long

Can Dry Shampoo Harm Your Scalp Health?

If you ask about using this shampoo for long, yes, it will harm your scalp health. If your shampoo has harmful ingredients like silicones, sulfates, and thickeners, it is sure to harm your hair and scalp in the long run. These ingredients don’t rinse off easily, and they clog the pores of your hair follicles and causes build-ups.

Moreover, if you use this shampoo in its powdery form or alcohol as its base, it is definitely not a healthy option to leap on. It might irritate your scalp and result in you having pimples or a rash on your scalp. On top of that, when you use styling tools like curling iron and straighteners, the damage is doubled. Provided the artificial fragrances that your shampoo has to give you, that smelling fresh experience is made up of a lot of harsh chemicals, which on prolonged use will for sure damage your scalp.

Does Applying Dry Shampoo Damage Your Hair?

This shampoo is an easy way to a cleaner and fresher looking hair between showers. Using this shampoo occasionally will help you maintain a cleaner look. But when using it for an extended period, it might be harmful to your hair health. This shampoo is used as a leave-in product and doesn’t require rinsing. It leads to product build up over time. Product build-up can damage your hair and may lead to issues such as hair fall.

Besides, prolonged use of dry hair can also lead to hair breakage and fungal infections on the hair follicles. This shampoo is also available in powder form, which has talc in it. In its natural state, talc has asbestos in it, which can lead to ovarian cancer.

How to Use Dry Shampoo Properly?

You should use this shampoo depending on your hair texture, hair type, length, and level of oiliness. Make sure before using this shampoo, your hair is completely dry, and you remove any hair accessories.

  1. Hold your can of dry shampoo about six inches away from the crown of your head.
  2. Next, start by spraying a small amount of shampoo on the roots of your hair, at the back of the neck where you have hair growth, and above the ears.
  3. Now massage the shampoo gently into your hair with your fingers.
  4. To settle things up, you can use a blow dryer on a cool air setting to add some bounce and mass to your hair.
If you are struggling with a dry hair problem and looking for a natural product to help you cut the dry hair blues, you can try the natural shampoo range by Traya to help you fight against dandruff, hair fall and other hair related issues. The brand also offers a holistic approach to hair fall and provides a complete customized hair loss treatment plan for women and men

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