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Why do you need a hair loss treatment and not just a shampoo?


How often have you experienced hair loss and shampoo has failed you as a hair loss treatment? That can happen many times. Hair loss is one of the common hair problems, and people are too quick to find a hair fall solution through a shampoo, which more than often does not work as a hair loss treatment. 

If you are losing more than a hundred strands of hair every day, there is a possible chance that you are suffering from hair loss. There are different forms of hair loss, and each has various causes. Before identifying which type you are facing, it is difficult to pick any hair loss treatment. That said, there is very little you can do to prevent hair loss, depending on your hair loss. But finding the proper hair loss treatment and applying it at the right time can save your beautiful traces. 

Hair loss in both men and women differ. Men are mostly affected by male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia in males. Male pattern baldness is the receding hairline at the frontal and sides that make an ‘M’ mark of hair on the crown. It can hit them at any time, and most men, by the time they reach thirty-five, start experiencing some amount of hair loss by the time they reach thirty-five. About eight per cent of men face hair thinning by the time they get fifty. 

For hair loss in women, the medical term for hair fall is called androgenic alopecia in females. It is also called female pattern baldness. One of the common signs to look for is the broadness of the hairline. Unlike males, female pattern baldness occurs at the top of the head and the crown of the head. Hair loss in women can occur at any age, and women above forty are seen chiefly affected by it. 

You can see the complexities of pattern baldness in both men and women and why they are different. So when you search for options on how to reduce hair fall, using shampoo alone can never be the best hair loss treatment. We shall tell you why.


Why Can’t Your Shampoos & Oils Alone Fight Hair Fall?

While searching for the holy grail of hair loss treatment, it is essential to know that hair fall has different causes. The main factors of hair loss include age, genes, hormones, diet, and environmental factors. Besides too much heat styling, alcohol and smoking, vitamin deficiency, stress, or disturbed lifestyle add to hair loss. 

Shampoos work to clean your scalp of dirt and sebum buildup. It cannot fortify hair growth or serve as a hair loss treatment alone by stopping hair loss for both men and women. Likewise, natural oils or when mixed with essential oils, can give you a good head massage. Head and scalp massage helps your scalp get blood flow to stimulate the growth of your hair. Oils are no magic potion that can grow hair on a bald head. 

To fight back hair loss and to get an effective hair loss treatment, you need a proper hair loss treatment plan. Before choosing any hair fall solutions for men or hair fall treatment for women, you must know the root problem of your hair loss. For this, your doctor will be required to diagnose you. But even before that, your doctor is likely to give you a physical exam where you will be asked about your diet, family history or medical history. 

You might as well be asked to take a blood test, pull test, scalp biopsy, and light microscopy. These tests are essential to reach the right cause that might be causing hair loss for you. Based on your test results, proper hair loss treatment will be suggested with effective medications and supplements.

Shampoos and oils can clean and nourish your hair but cannot single handedly tap on your hair loss issue. To make things work perfectly for your hair loss treatment and get effective results, you need a proper hair loss treatment plan in place.

Importance of Hair loss Treatment

A proper hair loss treatment includes medications that must be applied topically, a good diet, oral medication, exercises, hair oils, and a healthy lifestyle. 

Below we talk about the importance of hair loss treatment:

1- Treats the Internal Cause of Hair Fall

Based on whether the hair fall is hereditary or caused due to any other reason, your doctor will prescribe you medications such as minoxidil that is available in the form of shampoo and foam. Your doctor may also prescribe you Finasteride or commonly known as Propecia. It may combine with some oral medication to treat the internal cause of your hair fall.

2- Boosts Your Overall Health

Your proper hair fall treatment plan will also include a good diet containing all the nutrients and minerals required for proper hair growth or curb hair loss. Such food includes green leafy veggies such as bell pepper, spinach, bok choy, eggs, milk, dairy products, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, and fruits. 

3- Targets Nutrition Deficiencies

A thorough diagnosis of your scalp and hair will detect the main cause of hair fall, which can be due to nutritional deficiency as well. If so, along with a recommended good balanced diet, you will be prescribed nutritional supplements such as vitamin E supplements, B vitamins, vitamin A, C, and D. You may also be given biotin and collagen medicines to boost hair growth and curb hair fall. If your diet doesn’t fulfil your daily requirement of nutrients, your doctor will prescribe supplements.

4- Improves Gut Health

Good bacteria need to thrive in your body for overall health, including hair health. These bacteria help in digestion, stronger immunity, and boost microbial enzymes that release B12, B3, folic acid, and biotin, which are good for your hair health and may even help in slowing the process of hair loss. 

5- Fights Dandruff & Other Health Issues

Sometimes, hair loss can also occur due to dandruff. Hair loss treatment plans trigger the causes of dandruff and eradicate it. The oils used in hair fall treatments soothe the scalp, relieve itchiness and moisturize the scalp. Massaging the scalp will also allow the flow of oxygen to the scalp, promoting hair growth. Essential oils can aid in releasing stress and headaches, elevating your mood.

Traya’s Holistic Approach Treats Hair Fall

If you are looking for Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall, Traya can help. The brand understands that hair fall can have several causes. To address the various causes of hair loss, Traya takes three-way - Ayurveda, dermatology, and nutrition. It combines natural ingredients with the help of science and customizes your hair loss treatment plan. The best part of Traya’s holistic approach to treat hair fall is that you can talk to your hair expert.

The natural brand has formulated a complete range of hair care products and supplements to cure common hair problems. After analyzing your hair fall issues, the dermatologist at Traya will prescribe you products such as minoxidil 5% and minoxidil 2%, hair fall shampoo, herbal hair oil, hair vitamins, or health tatva supplements.

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