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Does Masturbation Cause Hair loss?


The phobia regarding the connection between masturbation and hair loss is simply that it’s a phobia. This fear results from the extreme paranoia that most people seem to develop when it comes to masturbation and hair loss and the general lack of information about masturbation. Does masturbation cause hair fall or does masturbation affect hair ? These fears are unfounded and do not have any scientific basis. The truth is there are very few risks associated with masturbation and hair loss is not known to result in any adverse side effects. The myths regarding masturbation and hair loss also tend to perpetuate because of the hesitation of many people to talk about it. Many people do actually feel guilty about indulging in the act because of their own religious or cultural beliefs. They need to meet with a sexual health specialist or counsellor who would be able to convince them that their fears have no basis in truth. 

Myth#1- Increased Testosterone from Masturbation Cause Hair Loss

One of the biggest myths regarding masturbation and hair loss is that it leads to the increase of testosterone, and which also facilitates the increase of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone associated with hair loss and male pattern baldness. However, research has on the other hand indicated that abstaining from masturbation for 3 weeks has in turn resulted in the increase of testosterone levels in quite a few individuals. So, the answer to your question does masturbation cause hair fall ? - it definitely does not lead to DHT hair loss. A lot of people also believe that excess masturbation will also lead to a decrease in their sperm count and they might in fact run out of sperm. Rest assured one will never run out of sperm because the body always keeps on producing sperm. 

Myth#2- Proteins Lost Through Masturbation Cause Hair Loss?

Again,  as we seek answers to the vexing question ‘does masturbation cause hair fall ?‘ Let's look at the following facts. We require a good intake of proteins for hair growth. Semen contains high levels of protein and that is why many people believe that masturbating removes those proteins from the body which would otherwise have been utilised for hair growth. This fact is however disproved when we look at the details. Semen contains 5.04 grams of protein per 100 millilitres of semen, but the ejaculate contains 3.7 millilitres of protein which is a miniscule amount when compared to the amount of protein a person consumes in a day. To put matters in perspective, a single egg white contains as much protein as half a cup of ejaculate. This piece of information puts the answer to the question ‘does masturbation cause hair fall ?’ beyond any reasonable doubt. 

Myth#3- Hormonal Imbalance Due to Masturbation Causes Hair Loss

‘Does masturbation cause hair fall ?’ While sex does have an effect on the hormone levels in your body, no research till date has proved that it leads to hormonal hair loss. Oxytocin is one of the hormones that is released when the body achieves orgasm or when one masturbates and it stimulates the pleasure points of the brain but this hormone is not linked to the health and thickness of your hair. So ‘Does masturbation cause hair fall ?’ No !

Benefits of Masturbating

By now we know that it’s not harmful to masturbate, it also has a number of benefits for your body at the physical, emotional and sexual levels. Arousal is extremely useful to keep the neural, circulatory and muscular systems in peak working condition. Masturbation can:

  • Help relieve body stress and is a good way to get rid of frustration
  • It helps the body relax and makes your feel comfortable
  • It helps promote sleep. 
  • it is known to help boost your mood
  • Women are greatly benefited by masturbation as it offers them relief from cramps. Pregnant women might feel the easing of significant ailments like a lower back problem.
  • It helps improve your sexual prowess and gives you confidence
  • Of late research seems to suggest that regular masturbation helps 

reduce the possibility of prostate cancer

  • It has been known to strengthen the muscles in your pelvic and anal region.

Is it Harmful to Masturbate Too Much?

Very frequent and aggressive masturbation could lead to skin irritation. Also, at times rough handling of your penis could cause the skin to rupture. If you bend it unduly, it might lead to penile fracture. The penis then starts resembling an eggplant and this condition necessitates surgery. Apart from the obvious health risks it also might interfere with your more beneficial pursuits in life and might lower productivity. 

But rather than worry about the number of times one masturbates it is more pertinent to worry about the cost at which this release is happening. If masturbating enables you to have a healthy satisfying sex life, then well and good. But on the other hand, if you are doing this and missing for e.g., spending time with your family then you need to take a relook at your priorities. 


  • Is it ok to masturbate ?

Yes, in fact it is even essential for dome people. It relieves sexual tension in a lot of people and also makes them  more confident sexually. The point is to do it within limits.

  • Can you masturbate too much?

When masturbation turns out to be an obsession and you do away with all your other healthy activities like meeting friends or go for a movie, because of your desire to masturbate, then it definitely is a problem. It is then that you need to take the advice of a counsellor who will have to drive away these thoughts and then probably questions like ‘does masturbation cause hair fall?’ might in fact have a positive effect. 

  • Is it ok not to masturbate ?

Absolutely, while it is ok to masturbate, not masturbating is also quite normal and does not usually indicate any adverse physical condition. 

So finally, the answer to the question ‘Can masturbation cause hair loss ?’ is obviously a resounding no. The myths about masturbation generally tend to perpetuate simply because of the hesitation of most people to talk about such issues openly. As this is with most other habits so is with masturbation, if done in moderation then you might actually be able to reap some significant benefits from it. Do visit us at Traya to break all such myths and learn more from our experts about more effective ways to grow beautiful and strong hair. 



Dr. Shailendra Chaubey, BAMS

Ayurveda Practioner

A modern-day Vaidya with 11 years of experience. He is the founder of Dr. Shailendra Healing School that helps patients recover from chronic conditions through the Ayurvedic way of life.

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