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5 Things Traya doctors want to tell you about hair loss

Hair loss can be devastating, but if you think that you are the only one who’s facing it then we assure you that you are not alone. If you have noticed your hairline starting to recede or your hair beginning to thin, one of the most important step you can take in stopping any further hair loss is getting in touch with a hair doctor or dermatologist. 
Hair loss can start as early as your teens, and some especially men experience the early signs of male pattern baldness in their 20s or 30s. The point is with baldness, the earlier you take action or seek treatment, the more of your hair you will be able to keep. 
A hair loss doctor or dermat can work with you to find out what’s causing hair loss and put together a hair loss prevention protocol that helps you minimize further hair loss and keep as much of your hair as possible. Luckily almost all hair loss is treatable today but only if you are consulting the right doctor and seeking the right treatment.

Here are some things that Traya doctors want to tell you about hair loss:

  • Hair loss is not a 30 day problem: Most people think that if they are suffering from hair loss, they can prevent it within a month which is not true. Doctors at Traya assure you if you are on a Traya hair care treatment, you will start seeing results within a month but a complete hair loss treatment will take some time. 
  • Not all products in the market can be used to treat hair loss: There are a variety of products in the market that are used to treat hair loss but only a few are science backed and proved to be effective. Traya offers products that are scientifically proven and has shown results to all of its customers. Try Traya hair care products after a consultation with our hair coach/doctors if you are suffering from hair loss.
  • Hair loss can be managed if you follow the right and healthy practices: Hair loss is a critical problem which can’t be controlled alone with the hair care products. We at Traya combine our treatment with a customised diet plan that helps our customers know what’s the right food choices for them. We also try to balance their hair care treatment and diet with regular exercise that boosts their hair growth, volume and thickness.


  • Hair loss can become severe if you are not using the right shampoo: There are plenty of shampoos in the market and most of them contain chemicals which are harmful for your hair. Your hair might have good quality but there are chances that the choice of shampoo makes your hair fall and worsens it. Try Traya shampoo which is completely science backed and made by using natural ingredients. 
    • Consult a dermat/hair doctor: If you are facing hair loss that’s becoming worse with time, it’s better to get it in touch with a dermat as soon as possible. One of the major reasons hair loss goes undetected is because of the assumption that it is a phase or temporary and will get better if you simply change your hair care products or change your diet. What will really help is to understand if you have hair loss or hair fall and how you can prevent it by getting the right guidance from hair doctors.


    In hair loss condition, each hair cycle will produce thinner, weaker and fewer hair. In time, follicles begin to die and hair fails to regrow.
    • Should you see a hair loss doctor?
    Simply put, you should see a hair loss doctor if you have noticed your hairline receding and thinning and want to do something about it. The best time to see a hair loss doctor is when you notice the early signs of balding. If your hairline is slowly receding and you notice a lot of hair falling out when you shampoo or comb your hair, it’s probably a good time to take action. 
    • How to Talk to our hair loss doctors?
    Talking to a hair loss doctor is a quick, easy way to find out what’s causing your hair loss and what you can do to stop it. You can click here.
    • Are you worried about hair loss?
    Take an online consultation with our doctors for free to learn what’s causing your hair loss, what treatment options are available and how you can prevent further hair loss. The earlier you book a consultation, the better hair care treatment you will get!

    Dr. Kalyani Deshmukh, M.D.


    Dr. Deshmukh is an MD (Dermatology, Venerology, and Leprosy) with more than 4 years of experience. She successfully runs her own practice and believes that a personalized service maximizes customer satisfaction.

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