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5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes With Basic Ingredients To Work On Your Hair Health While In A Lock Down


Breakfast means breaking the overnight fasting period early in the morning. Breakfast is often called 'the most important meal of the day' as it replenishes your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness, while also providing other essential nutrients required for good health. Studies suggest that people who skip breakfast are more likely to overeat later in the day as they are constantly combating irregular energy levels. Skipping the morning meal imbalances your body’s rhythm of fasting and eating and you feel zipzapped all day.

Try the below given healthy breakfast recipes to give a kickstart to your day:

Waking up: The first thing you have in the morning is critical for your body. The worst thing you can do is start with tea or coffee.Most of us like to kick off our day with a morning cup of tea or coffee, but it is actually harmful as in the long run it can lead to gastric acidity and also to note that breakfast with tea, coffee hinders iron absorption. 

You may rather switch to one of these options below :

  • 1 glass of hot water with lime, after all vitamin C will help us build our immunity. 
  • Hot water with soaked almonds
  • Hot water with 2 to 3 prunes (If you need help with constipation)

Breakfast option 1: Eggs

  • 1-3 egg whites with 1-2 blanched tomatoes

      Breakfast option 2: Pattice

        Breakfast option 3: Chillas

        • Moong dal chilla with plain or add grated carrot or paneer Recipe here


          Oats chilla can be incorporated in breakfast to prevent hair loss


          Breakfast option 4: Parantha

          • Multi grain stuffed veg paratha, try to use multiple flours here to up the nutrition level. Add loads of coriander and enjoy with green chutney or coconut chutney.

            Breakfast option 5: Moong dal idli

            • Soak moong dal in water for 2 hours and blend it into a smooth batter.
            • To this batter add curd, whisk and mix well. Take oil in pan and add cumin, channa dal, ginger, chilli to it and saute until golden brown.
            • To this add grated carrot, and add this sauted mass to batter with coriander leaves. Brush oil on the idli plate, fill the wells with batter. Steam for 15 minuts and serve hot with coriander chutney.

            Happy eating! 

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