5 genius places to keep your Traya products

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Are you finding it difficult to keep up with your hair regime? Find 5 genius tips given by our hair expert that will help you stay right on track.
5 genius places to keep your Traya products

We know how much you love your Traya products and we are sure you would never want to miss them in your daily regime. Therefore, it is important to place your products at the right place so that you can use them at the right time without having to struggle or turn your cubby upside down. Now there is no rocket science to these ideas. In fact, most of them are rather simple and standard.

So let’s see which are the best spots to keep your Traya products. We are also going to show you how to make sure you are getting the most out of it. 


  • In the bedroom: Struggling to get a restful night’s sleep? ‘Hair Ras’ shines as a way to treat mild insomnia and improve sleep quality. In addition to that, it also improves iron levels, balances pitta dosha and also maintains hormonal health. Keep it by the side of your bed and so that is easily accessible to you in the morning and at night. 

  • In the bathroom: Shampoo, lotion,  and oil stack them all in the bathroom to make sure you can give yourself a hair spa any time you want, without having to leave your bathroom to retrieve supplies.

  • Near the washbasin: It is advised to apply the hair root serum in the morning after you wake up and at night when you are planning to get under the covers. Therefore, the best place to keep your ‘Hair Root Serum’ is on the side of your washbasin. You can use it after brushing your teeth in the morning and after washing your face at night. 

  • On the dining table: Once you are done with your healthy and heavy breakfast, it is best to eat the ‘Hair Vitamin’ capsules. With power-packed ingredients such as biotin, folic acid, grape seed extract, Hair Vitamin helps to improve hair and skin health, helps improve iron levels which can otherwise lead to hair loss and reduces inflammation and boosts cell regeneration in the scalp.

  • At the side table: As suggested, you should always eat ‘Gut Shuddhi’ at the end of your day. It relieves constipation and gas, increases good bacteria in the gut, helps regulate bowel movements and also rejuvenates your hair and skin health. Keep it by the side of your bed and end your day with this Ayurvedic formula. 

  • Always remember to prevent your medication from being exposed to sunlight or humidity. These conditions could make them lose potency over time. And if you still have any questions about the proper way to store a medication or anything related to your treatment, you can reach out to your hair coach.

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