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Hair Shedding vs Hair Loss

Hair Shedding vs Hair Loss

Have you been noticing more hair on your pillow and comb lately? You might worry that you have hair loss. Well, you might be just shedding hair more than usual. Yes, there is a difference between hair shedding vs hair loss.

According to the dermatologists of Traya, losing a few strands every day is not something to worry about. In fact, it is normal to shed between 50-100 hair strands a day. However, losing more hair than that in a day can be considered as shedding hair.

While hair fall is not that concerning, shedding hair can be alarming, and you need to take care of it immediately. This article will walk you through to explain and understand hair shedding vs hair loss.

What is hair shedding?

When a person sheds significantly more hair every day, the person is experiencing hair shedding, not hair loss. Hair shedding is a common element of the hair cycle. Typically, a person has around 100,000 hair follicles on the head. An average person loses roughly 100 hair strands every day based on the hair growth cycle of the hair follicles.

It might seem alarming to you to see so much hair shedding off in one day, but this is a healthy loss and doesn't mean anything serious. Added to that, stress issues can also be one of the shedding causes. So, if you are stressing out, you might lose 100 strands in a day.

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Shedding hair more than usual due to stress is called telogen effluvium. It is a temporary loss of hair that occurs after stress, shock, or a traumatic event. Typically, it appears on the top of the head. Telogen effluvium, a part of shedding, is different from hair loss disorder, also known as anagen effluvium.

Hair shedding usually resolves on its own entirely without treatment over some months. The average recovery duration from shedding hair is about 100 days, around 3-6 months. After this period, you will see hair growing back. You can also use hair growth oil or hair fall control treatment to fasten the process of hair growth.

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What is hair loss and its causes?

Hair loss is when you lose hair, and something stops your hair from growing back. Unlike hair shedding, a natural part of the hair cycle, shedding hair happens mainly because of external factors. Anagen effluvium is an abnormal and rapid loss of hair. It occurs when the hair is in its growing phase due to an event that stops the metabolic activity of the hair follicles. 

If you are experiencing hair loss, your hair will not grow unless the reasons for hair loss is stopped.

But what exactly causes hair loss?

As discussed earlier, losing hair is caused by several external factors. The nature of which is different from that of shedding. Going forward in this article, we shall discuss hair shedding vs hair loss. Now, let us understand the hair loss causes:

  • Heredity
  • If you cannot find any visible reasons for hair loss, it is hereditary shedding hair on your face. Some people experience shedding hair due to genetic composition, which is hereditary.

  • Loss of nutrition
  • A poor diet can also be one of the causes of hair loss. If your diet lacks nutrients like vitamins B3, vitamin D, proteins, fats, iron, etc., you might experience shedding hair. You must maintain a healthy diet with abundant nutrients. Do not forget to add fruits and greens into your diet as they help in your hair loss treatment.

  • Heat styling
  • Overexposure to heat also leads to hair shedding and hair loss. When you use heat for hair styling, the excessive heat dehydrates your hair, making it dry and causing shedding hair. Some might also experience shedding. However, using hair fall control shampoo can help.

  • Reaction to specific treatments and drugs
  • Certain drugs and treatments such as chemotherapy may also lead to shedding hair. If you are on medication, the possibilities are that it can disrupt your hair growth and be one of the shedding hair causes.

  • Environmental factors
  • Our environment also is responsible for shedding hair. It is one reason for hair shedding vs hair loss. Dust, dirt, and free radicals contribute a lot to the damaging of hair and cause shedding hair, making environmental factors one of the reasons for shedding hair.

    Causes of Excessive Hair Shedding

    Shedding hair is a natural balance of the hair cycle. Some hair will fall out while others will grow. This balance, when interrupted by certain factors, leads to shedding hair.

    Here are some of the major stressors of excessive shedding hair:

    • Lost weight
    • Given birth
    • Undergone an operation
    • Experiencing a lot of stress – losing a job, going through a divorce, etc.
    • Recovering from an illness
    • Stopped taking birth control pills
    • Suffered from high fever

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    How does hair loss differ from hair shedding?

    For many of us, shedding hair is the same as losing hair. To clarify and understand how both these conditions are different, you should note that shedding more than an average of 100 strands of hair or if you observe thinning of hair, you might be losing hair and not shedding hair.

    That said, it is always important to note that if you notice too much hair on your pillow and comb, you should seek expert help. A certified dermatologist is always the one who can assist you. Also, to know the health of your hair, you can take Traya's hair diagnosis assessment.

    How to maintain a healthy scalp?

  • Nourish your scalp
  • Keeping your scalp well-nourished and hydrated also helps you maintain a healthy scalp. Some DIY hair masks will help you get the desired result. It will help you get all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and fatty acids for lustrous hair, and it is also an effective hair loss treatment. You can check out Traya's hair loss treatment plan as well.

  • Massage your scalp
  • Massaging your scalp is also an excellent way to stimulate hair growth as it allows proper blood flow in your scalp, which supports hair growth. Traya's scalp oil is one of the best hair growth oil loaded with bhringraj and several essential oils.

  • Take supplements
  • Certain nutrient deficiencies in your body might as well be the cause of the shedding of hair. Biotin and natural hair supplements are also beneficial.

    Take away:

    Everyone experiences shedding hair, and some experience loss of their precious hair. But it is always better to start with early care and hair loss treatment to find out the root cause and get beautiful hair. It is always best to check with your dermatologist, who will be able to find the reason and then put you on proper medication for fast recovery. Traya's herbal healthy hair product collection is one of the natural ways to start with your hair care regime.


    • How can I stop my hair from shedding?

    A balanced diet, enough sleep, and avoiding heat styling your hair can stop the shedding of hair.

    • Why is my hair shedding so much?

    Devoid of balanced nutrients, lack of proper supplements, and overdoing of heat styling contributes to excessive hair shedding.

    • Does hair grow back when shedding?

    Yes, there are chances of hair regrowth after shedding with proper scalp massage, a balanced diet, and supplements.

    • How long does hair take to grow back after shedding?

    It usually takes six to nine months for the hair to regrow after shedding.

    • How can you tell you're losing hair?

    If you are noticing random bald patches, receding hairline, and the scalp is visible clearly, you can tell you are losing hair.


    Dr. Kalyani Deshmukh, M.D.


    Dr. Deshmukh is an MD (Dermatology, Venerology, and Leprosy) with more than 4 years of experience. She successfully runs her own practice and believes that a personalized service maximizes customer satisfaction.


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