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Does Vaccine Cause Hairfall?

Does Vaccine Cause Hairfall?

Many people have experienced hair fall after vaccination of Covid-19 and are seeking for hair treatment to overcome hair loss. Coronavirus has caused a number of unusual side effects, including hairfall and hair loss. 

Hair fall after vaccination really bothers people because hair is part of their identity, and it can be quite jarring to experience hairfall. Some people who have been vaccinated have come up with hairfall experience, and it can range from minor hairfall to large patches of hair loss.

So, what’s the cause? In a word, its stress, but then active cases of hair loss or hair fall after vaccination has also come forth. 

The type of hairfall that has been associated with Covid-19 is mainly telogen effluvium, says the hair expert at Traya. Telogen effluvium or TE results from major stress on the body, mainly because of mental and physical stress.

Do diseases like COVID 19 and Dengue cause hairfall? 

Yes, Covid-19 and dengue can cause hair fall and hair loss. In fact, people have experienced hair fall after vaccination of Covid-19.  

Hair fall after vaccination is related to Covid-19 vaccination and the tumult caused by pandemic is enough to trigger this hair fall after vaccination issue. That said, TE can also cause physical stress or illness. 

People who are recovering from severe dengue often complain about excessive hairfall. Such kinds of hair fall after vaccination and hair loss usually last up to 1-2 months. Then again, a few people also develop alopecia after dengue, primarily because of the medicines, hormonal stress, and other system infections. 

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Vaccination and Hairfall 

There are reports of cases of reoccurrence of alopecia areata, meaning hair fall after vaccination of the first dose of Covid-19. Most patients experience episodes of hair fall after vaccination, and this condition can also be called alopecia areata. Rapid hairfall occurred 2-3 weeks after the vaccine, which should stop after a few weeks. 

As you know now that TE is one of the significant causes of hair fall after vaccination, you need to understand the hair cycle. The phase of hair growth in the hair cycle is called anagen, and the resting phase is telogen. 



However, that cycle is disrupted when a strong stressor comes in, and hair fall after vaccination. This means that hair prematurely shifts into the resting phase and falls out, and you experience hair loss. Other common factors of hairfall include childbirth, hospitalization, rapid weight loss, and surgery.

The shifting of hair to the resting phase is part of our body mechanism. Your body takes a lot of energy to grow hair, and when under stress, this mechanism focuses on your body’s survival rather than hair growth. The time frame of hair fall after vaccination or hair growth after that is artful. TE in this time frame might be taking place until about three months after extreme stress. This can be aligned with the kind of hairfall a woman might experience after welcoming a new baby.

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Do Vaccines really cause Hair fall? Or is it Just a Myth?

Hair fall after vaccination is something that people have been experiencing in the wake of Covid-19. Viruses and their infection could also cause the type of hair loss one experiences with TE. 

Coronavirus infection affects the whole body, but the stress on your body due to lack of oxygen flow to the hair follicles, the fever, and the stress on the body causes hair fall after vaccination.

A good amount of people due to Covid-19 were hospitalized. After six months of their infection, most of them observed fatigue, anxiety, depression while another set of people experienced hair fall after vaccination. 

Irrespective of the TE-related hair loss results, the results can be dramatic – you can observe a lot of hair loss after combing your hair. At this phase, the follicles are loose, and the full length of the hairfall out easily. For some people, the hair will appear as a phase, the follicles are loose, and the hair comes out in clumps. The thinning might not be noticeable until you lose a lot of hair.

Take away:

So, the answer to the question, is hair fall after vaccination true? To a certain extent, yes. Hair fall due to vaccination can be stressful to deal with. Choosing a healthy hair treatment is essential, and you can switch to Traya’s hair loss treatment plans to reduce hair loss. Use the Hairfall control combo to reduce hairfall.


  • How to stop hair fall due to vaccination?

Consuming a proper diet that includes a balance of protein, iron, and vitamin D, and hair supplements can stop hair fall due to vaccination.

  • Do doctor have solution for Hair loss caused by diseases?

Doctors will look out for any underlying issue causing hair loss for you. With proper diagnosis, your doctor might have a solution for hair loss caused by diseases. Take the free hair diagnosis today to find out about the root cause of your hair loss.

  • What are the various reasons for hair fall?

Hair fall reasons include vaccination, certain diseases, bad diet, pregnancy, stress, chemical treatment, and environmental factors. 


Dr. Kalyani Deshmukh, M.D.


Dr. Deshmukh is an MD (Dermatology, Venerology, and Leprosy) with more than 4 years of experience. She successfully runs her own practice and believes that a personalized service maximizes customer satisfaction.


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